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Thermal Insulated Curtains fabric energy saving is from lace curtains

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A company that has been manufacturing lace fabrics in Japan for about 50 years.
Since we also have a sewing factory, we can sell fabrics as well as ready-made products after sewing.
For over 20 years, we have been focusing on the development of functional races.

  • Solar heat cut efficiency of 71%
  • Heat insulation effect of 38.1%
  • Shading rate of 64.8%
  • UV cut effect of 90.1%

The fabric with this function can save energy throughout the year with the lace curtain.
Since it is flameproof, it can be used in public facilities such as hotels, schools, and hospitals.

Clients Matter To Us

We are proud to be associated with some leading names of the market since our formation. As a quality conscious curtains manufacturer, we involve ourselves

Team of Employees

Without the strong and continued support of our employees it would not have been possible for our company to make great strides in the textile domain.


Packaging holds great importance as it not only keeps the products safe during transit but also aids in brand promotion. We pack our Thermal Insulated Curtain Fabric

Why is solar heat cut efficiency and heat insulation effect possible?

The Sakai Lace's unique lace fabric which is knitted with various functional yarn called "Suzushiya NEO" developed by Japanese fiber manufacturer TEIJIN FRONTIER Co., Ltd. The yarn is fabricated by twisting 144 ultrafine thread pressed with titanium oxide, and bunching them together into 288 fine yarns.

Moreover, this fabric is fabricated with more than 80% of this original yarn. By using the yarn, the curtain reduces 71% solar radiation heat & 90.1% of UV rays. It also has a 38.1% heat insulation effect & protects privacy from both indoors & outdoors.

  • Flameproof processed.
  • German standard fire resistance test DIN 4102 B2
  • Class B1 passed
  • RECE inspection acquired
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We pack our Thermal Insulated Curtain Fabric and Curtain Lace Fabric using protective packaging material to keep the chances of damages significantly low during the shipment process.
We are proud of presenting a range of curtain fabrics that has passed out RECE test and German standard fire resistance test for flameproofing. The range has cleared out German standard fire resistance test DIN 4102 B2 and class B1 test. It is due to the strict quality measures we take and plans we follow that our range has become outstanding in quality. We have a sincere team of quality experts, who conduct tests and make sure that our range stands upto the market standards.

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